Beach Day!

Starring Me, Carson, India, Olivia, and Sydney


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What We’re Wearing:

India: Retro High-Waisted Bikini from American Apparel

Olivia: Bikini with Boyshorts from American Eagle

Emma: Corset Bikini from Target

Sydney: Retro Bikini from Target

Carson: Triangle string from Target

DIY PhotoShoot

Starring Me & Carson






What we’re wearing?

Emma: Varsity Jacket from Forever 21, Ganesh Graphic Tee from Frenchtown, and Pacsun denim shorts (reupholstered by Emma, with lace on back pocket and red-and-white striped fabric on inner front pocket)

Carson: Her old softball uniform’s tee (made into a crop top by Carson) and Children’s Place pants (hemmed and made into shorts by Carson) and Target shrug.


Outfits of the Week!

Sorry it’s been so long, my lovelies! 😝 Schoolwork’s a b!+(#.


MONDAY 👆 a Cherokee skirt, Sugarlips top, a sheer tee and cashmere leggings, both from boutiques.

I love those types of skirts because they are so retro and modern at the same time. Plus they look good on everyone, and come in a variety of colours, so why not?!


TUESDAY 👆 Patterned floral pants from Nordstrom’s, starry-patterned thermal shirt from Delia’s and and a plain purple tee from a bat mitzvah I went to this weekend to breakup the wild patterns. I wore B\C silvery gold flats on my feet.


WEDNESDAY 👆this is one of my favorite outfits (it looks better on) ever! A leather pencil skirt from H&M with a zipper going up it, and a thin cropped sweatshirt from Pacsun with a skull drawn on it. So pretty.


THURSDAY 👆 more patterned jeans ( this time with pink splotches on it) from Nordstrom’s, a sophiscated cropped white denim jacket, a lacey tank, and Perry Ellis heels with lace at the sides.


FRIDAY 👆 A graphic tee with the Beatles on it, and low-rise skinnies with pre-ripped gashes in the fabric, and a thick bracelet.


SATURDAY 👆An aero tee underneath a tank from Japan, tucked into a patterned pencil skirt from Forever 21. Sort of girly and classic at the same time!

Thanks for staying with me!



Emma’s Extended Birthday Wishlist

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Yes, my birthday is coming up! I am Sagittarius, born on December 18th. Every year I do an extended birthday wish list with visuals for everyone to see. So why not put it on my blog? This is really specific, so be warned! 😉

1) Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette

I absolutely am in love with the colours on this palette! It’s very bronze and natural, but enhances looks beautifully. It is pretty expensive for a few eyeshadows ($50) but it lasts long and goes with everything. I like Naked 2 better than the first (titled, Naked) because it is less primary colours and more blended originals.

2) Kat von D Tattoo Concealer

I have been looking for an under-eye concealer since forever! I have never actually tried this, but in many other beauty videos, it is used and looks great! Under-eyes are really important because they can make or break your makeup look. Nothing can look beautiful when the traces of I-stayed-up-until-one-in-the-morning-studying-and-I-am-trying-to-come-off-as-relaxed are oozing out of your eyes. It is also highly rated in staying on for long periods of time, a good point when you consider sitting in school for six hours on end!

3) Galaxy pants!

Galaxy pants have been in my sights for a long time. This colourful and unexpected bursts look like magic against a starry background. My favorites are the pink ones from Black Milk. I am thinking of doing an entire post on the company! 🙂

4) An iPod Touch.

Okay, this is somewhat a relative wish. I want one so badly but in general just to take pictures on the go and upload them whenever. Cameras can be über expensive, so a music player with a camera and games is awesome. Plus I’ll have Instagram wherever I go and can capture OOTDs whenever I want, a great update!

5) Sneaker Wedges

Okay, these are so cute. I love their easiness to walk in and chic look. At first glance, they are sporty as what, then you kind of have to do a double take to really see them! Plus they are super easy to walk in, and are attention-grabbers.

6) and 7) Then of course are the random mosh up of stocking stuffers and movies and magazines. They are kind of like the gifts that keep on giving, but not the boring kind like insurance salespeople or automatic flush-sensitive toilet cleaners. Like movies that you can watch over and over or magazines that come on the mail every week. I actually love receiving mail, it’s awesome!!