Beach Day!

Starring Me, Carson, India, Olivia, and Sydney


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What We’re Wearing:

India: Retro High-Waisted Bikini from American Apparel

Olivia: Bikini with Boyshorts from American Eagle

Emma: Corset Bikini from Target

Sydney: Retro Bikini from Target

Carson: Triangle string from Target

Five Ways to Wear a Knit Sweater Vol. 4

Sorry I haven’t been able to post-Hurricane Sandy took away my WiFi and devastated many people. Super apologetic but also revved up to be writing again.

Five Ways to Wear a Knit Sweater Vol. 4
Thank you, A, for your comment (was I the only one getting chills as I wrote? Does anyone else watch PLL?) but I’m not sure how to change the organization of this, so I’ll just switch it up a little with spacing and bold key points or style tips.
This time with the adorable knit sweater from newlook.com we’ll have the basic ripped jeans-my favorite ripped jeans are always light wash or stone washed, so they’ll really look authentically worn-even if the rips in the knees were made by machines, not your daily activities-and clean leather equestrian-esque riding boots for a preppy, I-do-things-with-my-life kind of feel.
But of course, this time, the focus is on the accessories! That means bags, necklaces, bracelets, stacking rings, and matching hats/scarves/gloves combos as it gets cooler. Bags need to be attention-grabbing. With funny sayings, bright neon colours with classic cuts, cute animal-shaped clutches, etc. In the bags is up to you, but in my opinion it makes me feel better when I have less in my purse to worry about, so just my iPod, a phone, lip gloss/chapstick (my fave is chubby stick-it’s lip gloss, lipstick, and Chapstick-all in one!) wallet, camera (if you don’t have one in your phone-you never know if you’ll need a photo op!) a water bottle, and a few pens, which come in handy all the time.
And for jewelry? Earrings should be the main attraction. Studs, hanging, feathers or hoops-whatever. I especially like the kind that go up your ear, to the tip, and connects to your actual ear piercing. It just gives off a cute, edgy vibe. Earrings I think should be darker colours this season-plums, violets, blacks, grays, and silver or gold-but in adorable shapes like cats, spikey balls, or mustaches.
Love you lots!