Side Flip Ponytail

Hey guys!

Before we get down to business; I’m thinking of changing the theme on my blog from the balloons to something with a nicer font, more professional, and less cartoon-y. What do you guys think? I’m not sure yet, but whether you’d like to see something new or think this is the best it can be, I appreciate all criticism!

Okay, here’s the blogging bit:

By now, in October, we’ve shed all the great hairstyle ideas we’ve got: two braided Princess Leia buns, French braids, ponytails in every section on our scalp that we can gather hair into a hair tie, five strand braids, pigtails, curled, straightened, every assortment of hair bands we have, slicked back, new bangs, pinned back bangs so you can’t tell they are bangs, etc.

It’s enough to make a girl break down in a heap of designer perfume sample scented tears and Google Maps print-outs outlining the fastest way to a mall.

But it’s okay, because you have me! Today I’ll show you how to do a super quick, maybe thirty-second, even, hairstyle that you can do and use anywhere! And the best part is: you only need a hair brush, maybe, and a hair band.

The Side-Flip Ponytail is just one of the many ways you can use this trick.


And those are only a few ways to do it..there are so many more styles to learn and try out. But first you need to learn how.

I’ll show you, step-by-step, how it’s done!

First, just brush out your hair the way I’m doing above. This ponytail is really very easy and this is pretty much the toughest thing to comprehend, trust me. And it’s brushing hair!

Then, simply gather your hair together on one side in a regular side ponytail. Loosen it up a little to make the next step easier.

Make a hole with your fingers right above the hair tie, so you can clearly stick your fingers through it onto the other side.

Afterwards, take your hair tie and turn it into the hole from the outside-in. Pull the rest of your hair through.

Here’s another photo for some help.

(This shot is how you start it, it was taken before the one up there)

A bit of a lame picture, but you see my point!

A flip ponytail is really elegant and you can wear it to school, work, gym, whatever!

It’s just a super easy yet very fancy way to dress up a ponytail.

So, why not try it?




Sock Bun Hair Tutorial

Hey my loyal followers!!

Just a few days ago its hard to believe I had no idea how to do this, since it comes so easily now 😝 Sock Buns are a fantastic way to add volume to a regular updo. And…you walk around all day with a sock in your hair…and nobody knows.


All you need for this easy and pretty look is either a thick or knee-high sock (it’s September so I’m kind of short on thick socks, so I just use a knee high one and it works perfectly) three ponytail holders (elastics? hair ties?) and some scissors. I accessorize with a hair band, so that’s an optional.


Just take the sock that’s close to your hair colour (people with dark hair, this is easy. I, on the other hand, need a light one… *grumbles*) and cut a small bit off the tip, just enough to get your fingers through.


Then simply start rolling it up, starting from where you cut the bit off.


That’s what it should look like!


Then make a ponytail at the top of your head where you want the bun to be.


Put the rolled-up sock onto the ponytail so it is sticking through the sock.


Equally separate your hair around the sock bun so you can’t see the sock part. It kind of looks like broccoli is sprouting out of my head. 😳


All you have to do now is put a hair tie over the sock so it looks like this. 👆
Don’t tie it twice or anything. Just slip it over.


Then take the excess hair around the bun (there will be a lot of it) and gather it on one side. You can optionally twist/braid/whatever this for an extra add-on to your look. After you wrap it around the bun, (tightly!!!!) just tie it with an elastic. Super tight on this, or else your hair is in danger of falling out!


Happy Yom Kippur!!!


Butterfly Hair Clips

Lately, I’ve been loving the whole, Derby-Race kind of prep in the past week or so, including the beautiful butterfly clip. It’s incredibly easy to do and is universally flattering (just like Carly Rae Jepsen’s bangs) and I love using it on my days where up and feel lazy and bored. It will brighten your day! (not guaranteed)

1) Run your fingers through the starting a French braid portion of your hair
2) Hook your thumb under the side of your ear and bring it back to your other hand.
3) Do the same with the other side
4) Fasten it with a clip

And voilae! A perfectly messy look!