Beach Day!

Starring Me, Carson, India, Olivia, and Sydney


IMG_1240 IMG_1242





What We’re Wearing:

India: Retro High-Waisted Bikini from American Apparel

Olivia: Bikini with Boyshorts from American Eagle

Emma: Corset Bikini from Target

Sydney: Retro Bikini from Target

Carson: Triangle string from Target


DIY PhotoShoot

Starring Me & Carson






What we’re wearing?

Emma: Varsity Jacket from Forever 21, Ganesh Graphic Tee from Frenchtown, and Pacsun denim shorts (reupholstered by Emma, with lace on back pocket and red-and-white striped fabric on inner front pocket)

Carson: Her old softball uniform’s tee (made into a crop top by Carson) and Children’s Place pants (hemmed and made into shorts by Carson) and Target shrug.

Turkey-Day Style


So, yes, this came out late and y’all probably already have your outfits all chosen for Thanksgiving. But while at my cousin’s cozy-warm house in Pennsylvania, waiting for the legendary split-pea soup and the super-cute placemats my sister Lena and ultra-stylish cousin Gwyneth (you should see her room-everything is spotless and covered in a layer of glitter and plush fuzz in coordinating flowers and peace signs) craft by hand, I have about three to four hours to myself. And what do I with these hours? Study for my Social Studies test on Chinese philosophy and the ancient ways of the Indus River Valley people that will surely be on the next school day? No. Practice tirelessly sketching in order to make somewhat a success out of myself? Of course not. How about joining my family watching football only with the adults at our family Thanksgiving dinner, with my father  doing the pro-con football-rugby every year, but everyone knows rugby will always triumph? Well…not really…

Instead of all these monstrosities of suggestions, I used the timer on my camera to capture pictures of myself in my Thanksgiving-day outfits. Perfect!

On my nails you can’t see it too clearly, but it is a heart beat! I have a heart drawn on my ring finger and using the Migi Nail Art Pens mentioned in a previous post I drew the heart monitor thingies that beep every once in a while, but start pinging when the person mentioned starts dying…that thing…Yeah. I accidentally smudged it, but you can still see the gist up close.

My denim bandeau is from Nordstrom, the bicycle tank is Forever 21, coral lip gloss Maybelline, and the gloves are one-of-a-kind thumbies, made lovingly by the amazing Brownie (now Junior) troop # 20648. To make them, take an old long sleeve with cool arms that doesn’t fit, and cut the arms off the body of the shirt. Then simply cut out the little holes and cut off the arm to the desired length. It looks so cute and is pretty warm way to look cool. 🙂  (See what I did there?)

Love you all!



A Slice of Summer

Hey guys!

This is a Throwback Photoshoot. I thought because of all the snowstorm/cold front from Canada we could all use a little August-summer.

It’s hot out and so is the style:

I am wearing a Ralph Lauren button-up shirt, Sugarlips tank tops from a boutique in my town (seriously, they are SO soft)

pink delia’s shorts and cashmere leggings.

Of course I also scraped my hair up into a top knot (sock bun represent!) and put a ring into it. It stays, believe me!

The necklace is a $10 Facebook find. Really any statement necklace and bright colour addition will work.

And yeah, I have the collar popped!

How’s that for some sun?

It’s getting colder and the cast list is posted next Friday…Wish me luck!

Love you all!


P.S. Did anyone see the PLL? I don’t know if I can wait another seventy-odd days for the next one! January 8th, the countdown begins now.

Summer/Autumn Photoshoot

Today me and my bestie Carson had a miniPhotoshoot to symbolize the seasons changing.

This is obviously (unless you live below the northern hemisphere) summer to autumn.

Carson is wearing a vintage lace dress from a thrift store and a turquoise mustache ring. Mustaches seem to be everywhere!

Another obsession so far is drawing almost-tattoos on ourselves in Sharpie!

If you aren’t old enough for a real one, or are too chicken to get inked, Sharpie is a good place holder for things you care about.

Mine is an “om” and Carson’s says “live”. What does yours say?

This hat is one-of-a-kind, I picked it up in Frenchtown, NJ.

Frenchie is an adorable tiny town along the Delaware River with quaint shops and awesome shopping destinations.

Going there is almost mandatory for sweet sweaters and Marc Jacobs (2012)-esque styles.

On my fingers I have rings from Claire’s, Village Belle, and a mustache-shaped mood ring.

I’m thinking of starting a collection.

Here’s a poor angel statue that got murdered by my brother’s soccer ball.

Carson in cashmere leggings, drapey-casual dress and and American Eagle thermal shirt.

This look is inspired by Teen Vogue‘s September 2012 issue, featuring Selena Gomez.

The article about her was predictable and boring but the style was cute.

I’m wearing a shirt with lace on the back (isn’t every shirt?) a delia’s tank, and ripped jean shorts.

An artistic shot of Carson’s

My lip gloss is Aveda in Plum, and my headband is made of vintage saris.

Georgia [down south], USA

Well, as you all (or, y’all, as they say here, hehehe) know, I have not posted for three or four days. Please don’t be mad at me, I am traveling. Now in Georgia, USA, for vacation (for some reason people here are very interested that we drove 17 hours “just for Georgia?!”) I am finally at peace. Sure, the jacuzzi and hot tub helped but I’m just glad to be away. 😀

Pic Time: (it took me forever to get these imported, so, be happy)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This (The beautiful creature on the left is called a parasaurolophus) has been my favorite dinosaur since preschool. There’s me on the right, in a delia*s dress and adidas Campus sneakers. The picture was actually taken in New Jersey, in a moving dinosaur park. (Don’t worry, they’re only robots)

Then there’s me getting kissed by a T-Rex baby. The back of the dress has bows on it, a cute trend, and in hair it’s super cute! Vid link: HAIR BOWS

There were also a lot of bikers. Imagine a thousand motorcycles all with leather-jacket (the kind with the sleeves ripped off and “Jesus is Lord” written on the back) clad white-goatee old guys on them with crazy helmets, then, yeah. You’d get a lot of bikers. It’s so loud you can’t believe!

They have a ton of adorable shops in Georgia (then again, my family is staying in a faux-Bavarian town-it switched in 1969 so more tourists would come) I’m wearing a ruffley tank top that I got abroad (See? 3D fashion, I told you) and pink shorts (delia*s? Old Navy? They’re so abundant I don’t think it matters).

[Please ignore awkward pig face I was trying to make]

In NYC they always have the carriages trotting around, looking dreamy and romantic amongst the crazy (sometimes literal) city crowd. I know, I know, there it’s like, everyone’s been in one, but I have never actually paid the overpriced $50 for a city ride by horse. So, as luck would have it, we snatched a pony ride in the town. 😀

There’s a bunch more pictures and I bunch more styles (red suede moccasins! Finally!)

See you soon!