Perfect Date: Beach Party

Perfect Date: Beach Party
For this Perfect Date, it’s probably going to be a double date..or triple..or quadrouple. You know what? Invite all your friends, dating or not. Beach Parties work best with at least twenty people for games of beach volleyball, Truth Or Dare, etc. Of course, anything can be modified for two. 🙂
You should probably bring an oversized beach bag (pictured above with an adorable crab on it) and stuff it with a towel, sun tan lotion (with at least 30 SPF! From experience, getting sunburnt doesn’t fade into a tan…And who wants to look like an overripe tomato, especially in front of all your friends?) sunglasses (retro round look super cute and are all over the runways-does anyone know a Tommy Hilfiger?), and some snacks in case you get hungry. You should bring at least $10 for Mister Softee concession stands and whatever else you need (something WILL come up) to be prepared. Also, bring your iPod and portable speaker! Before you leave, sum up a Beach Mix (20 songs or more) and make sure they’re high-energy dance songs…always perf for the beach, but no one knows why.
Wear a bikini under a faded graphic tee and some shorts (any kind) and strip off when you get there. When it gets cooler six hours later and you plan to have a campfire and watch the sunset (YES!) just put on your shorts..or your tee..and look and feel comfy! Long necklaces are the best way to accesorize, bringing boho and edgy punk together, like Henna tattoos. They look exotic and graceful, but have the edge of being tattoos, but fade in time so the parental units won’t bust you. (“What tattoo?”)

Perfect Date: Drive-In Movie

Perfect Date: Drive-In Movie

Graphic tee

Wedge sneaker

Hair bow accessory

Clinique nivea lip care

Nail polish
Here’s the first out of (hopefully) many posts about Perfect Dates! Don’t wonder where to go, what to do, or who to wear! XD
A Drive-In movie is romantic while still being fun and summer-y. You and your boyfriend can pull up, hang out, and watch a movie, and there are a lot of great choices this summer!
To wear: For shoes, go with the totally in-season wedges that look like sneakers! It seems like everyone’s wearing them, and they are in US Weekly more than Lindsay’s “Arizona” stories. (For those of you who don’t know, “Arizona” is hairstylist code for “rehab”. But who doesn’t know, right?) Since most Drive-Ins are only open in the summer, wear cut-offs with edgy rhinestones to be cool and look hot, just like the weather! A concert tee is the perfect add-on to be care-free.
Makeup is easy- Chubby Sticks by Clinique have just the amount of colour to stain, and is the perfect hybrid of a Chapstick tube and lipstick to moisturize your lips. All you need is easy eyeliner, and you’re good to go!
Have fun watching the stars and the movie!
    Emma and Olivia (who helped-sort of)