Party @ Fringe!

This week I celebrated turning 14 in style, with my local Fringe hair salon! It was amazing, and all my friends loved it too. I wore a Pacsun top and Nordstrom jeans.
At the party, the Fringe representative Katie asked us to find our favorite makeup looks in a ton of cool magazines. Once we decided, she explained to us how to do the look ourselves and practiced on each other.










I could even use my own playlist on my iPod! After rainbow cake and getting all beautified, as a a sort of “goody bag” everyone picked an Aveda lip glaze or glitter to take home. It was awesome, and we laughed over magazines and dances in our makeup. The party was also educational; Katie (the super-pretty host) wrote down all the products she used on our faces so now I know all the correct shades of concealer to use, best eyeshadow colours for different types of eyes, defining contours,  and things like that. Pictures were posted on Instagram, each with tens of twenties of likes. If you’re planning a party , Fringe is the place to go. Thanks Katie! 😘


Local FB page:


Black Milk Clothing

Okay, so I spoke a little about this in my wishlist post. Black Milk clothing is an Australian-based company with genius designs and soft textures. They were the first to pump the galaxy-pattern craze into the pages of magazines and runways, and even into my local H&M! Here is an example of their stuff:


My favorites are the galaxy leggings, their originals. But the others are pretty cool too. Just don’t get their maggot leggings! 😛

I searched far and wide for the best outfits used by them, and this is what I fond: (I put it in one picture so as to be organized)



Again, sorry I haven’t posted lately, I’ve been so busy!



How To: Eraser Headband! ( Best Holiday present ever!!)

At school I do a secret santa with some of my friends and this year I picked my beastie Ella! I chose to make the heartwarming gift of a distracting Japanese Eraser Headband!!


Here’s what you need to make this cute craft project!


I bought five Japanese erasers from a local toy store, but if you can’t find any locally, just order them from this website . You also need a plastic headband that is wide enough to put the erasers on. And, to get it on, a glue gun.

First make sure you have it set up in the desired order. I assumed this was the easy part, but the first time I did it, I glued it on backwards! So make sure it’s right side up.


Then, warm up the glue gun and mark each “glue-spot”. Then, (be careful not to burn yourself! I actually have a scar on my thumb from bedazzling my friend’s ceiling-her mother was not amused) start gluing it.


After you add the erasers, the glue will rift up around them, so you need to scrape it off. The sooner the better, so work on one before going on to the next.



And voíla! You have a gorgeous home-made headband. See how feisty it looks? Plus, it’s unique, a perfect gift for a teenager if you’re on a budget and still want to give something special. It also only takes about ten or fifteen minutes to do, so it’s really the best idea!




My Top 3 Halloween Beauty Faves

I have to say, Halloween is an awesome holiday.

You get to dress up and see everyone else dress up in crazy costumes that they would not wear anywhere else?

It’s amazing!

So anyway, I’m making a list of my Halloween beauty favorites.

1) Crazy Contacts.

They are pretty expensive, $20 bucks a lens, but the overall reaction is just sooooooo cool, that it’s a little difficult to pass up.

My favorites are the all-red, all-black, and the bright, bright blue.

The patterns are also cool. This one is “Kaleidoscope” from Bad spelling but nice contacts.

2) Cobweb Eyelash Extensions

Featured in every worthy Halloween ad campaign known to humanoids, these are a quick way to amp up a lame costumes. Coloured kinds also work.

They are also super cheap! Amazon sells them for about $5, but you can get them at any beauty supply store anyway.

3)  Weirdly coloured lips

I’m not going to force you to go all Ke$ha on me-but for Halloween, blue hues make great costume statements.

Now that is some niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice lip artistry, there.

That’s all for now!!!

Happy Halloween!


Annie Get Your Gun-Inspired Looks

This week is actually really nerve-wracking for me-I am auditioning (along with many friends-I’m not in this alone!) for the school musical, Annie Get Your Gun. While looking up the songs and play and script and whatever, I have also been contemplating the style choices used for the costumes. For those of you not in the know, Annie Get Your Gun is a musical about trick shooter Annie Oakley and her love life with Frank Butler, another rival trick shooter. It has underplot lines, and cute collars…and racism, unfortunately…But my school will take it to a G Rating by taking out all those other parts. This post is dedicated to my friend India who has been dressing in this type of inspired outfits since September, in hopes of swaying the director’s favor. Not that she’d need it, she’s great! Love you India!!!!!!!
This is for you!
Annie Get Your Gun-Inspired Looks
So as you can tell from before, my lame-o post on October, I really like the sheer dresses that are longer in the back and shorter in the front, they are very elegant, and I particularly like this one because the collar stands out so nicely and isn’t too flashy or too showy. Western styles have a lot of prominant collars, and rich, thick fabric with neutral colours as well. The denim dress is also huge, but I prefer darker washes than the sky-blue you see up there. I mean thar. 😉
Speaking of washes, in pants light wash denim is really cool. Think Footloose-type stuff, like pre-ripped and stonewashed jeans. I added the bright red because Vogue calls red “The new neutral” and it is, after, all the title of Taylor Swift’s next diary where she writes down her love life about all her awful breakups and makes it public. Oh, did I say diary? I meant album. Same thing, really.
For T-shirts I like bat-wing and soft kinds, with bright tribal-esque patterns on them, because, after all, you can’t have cowboys without Indians, and their culture is bee-yoo-tee-full. And very awesome and entirely unfair. Can you believe that after almost eight years of American History we learn about the Trail of Tears in eighth grade? Seriously? I’m considering buying one of those shirts that says “Party like it’s 1492.” Funny, right? I think I will get one, actually…
In skirts I recommend A-line and flowy, skin-tight wasn’t really promoted in the early 1900s. To cinch at the waist, I am loving the whole leather belt scene there, and it’s even better vintage.
For bags/clutch/purse/it’spursejustspelleddifferentPIRS/whateverthehellyouwanttocallit, the more fringe, the merrier! My sister has one, and I am literally begging for it when I go out with my friends. My sister’s cool-she’s the artsy type of style with coloured jeans in red and purple, bright graphic tees, and a variety of fedoras who all have names. (Most of them, creatively, are called “Fedora”) And another thing she’d wear is cowboy boots.
The boots are clearly a necessity, but you are free to choose between brightly patterned and coral-toned, or just sewn in to make floral imprints. My friend Ella has a pair and people constantly ask her where she’s gotten them, so they are very impressive out in the field!
And in beauty? The forties look is really in, think Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream album cover. You know, big lashes and pale eyeshadow, red lips and big eyes. For hair, two braids
Wish me luck!!!!!

Sock Bun Hair Tutorial

Hey my loyal followers!!

Just a few days ago its hard to believe I had no idea how to do this, since it comes so easily now 😝 Sock Buns are a fantastic way to add volume to a regular updo. And…you walk around all day with a sock in your hair…and nobody knows.


All you need for this easy and pretty look is either a thick or knee-high sock (it’s September so I’m kind of short on thick socks, so I just use a knee high one and it works perfectly) three ponytail holders (elastics? hair ties?) and some scissors. I accessorize with a hair band, so that’s an optional.


Just take the sock that’s close to your hair colour (people with dark hair, this is easy. I, on the other hand, need a light one… *grumbles*) and cut a small bit off the tip, just enough to get your fingers through.


Then simply start rolling it up, starting from where you cut the bit off.


That’s what it should look like!


Then make a ponytail at the top of your head where you want the bun to be.


Put the rolled-up sock onto the ponytail so it is sticking through the sock.


Equally separate your hair around the sock bun so you can’t see the sock part. It kind of looks like broccoli is sprouting out of my head. 😳


All you have to do now is put a hair tie over the sock so it looks like this. 👆
Don’t tie it twice or anything. Just slip it over.


Then take the excess hair around the bun (there will be a lot of it) and gather it on one side. You can optionally twist/braid/whatever this for an extra add-on to your look. After you wrap it around the bun, (tightly!!!!) just tie it with an elastic. Super tight on this, or else your hair is in danger of falling out!


Happy Yom Kippur!!!


Winged Eyeliner

A really fun makeup idea can be winged eyeliner! It’s pretty easy and looks professional.

Here’s my take on it, in fun poses: (Can you tell I burst out laughing after the click of the camera? That’s what all pictures should be like)

I used my Stila Waterproof eyeliner, (the one I bought in Sephora on 27th) and it works great! As you can see, I only have a little curl up at the end, so it’s not a full-blown risqué-type thing, but more casual and comfy-looking. It’s perfect for the middle-to-high schoolers who want to look normally pretty and still wear makeup.

This kind of eyeliner is cute with pulled-back hair AND in-your-face flyaways. Messy hair looks intentional and specially done hair looks extra polished.

I’m using brown eyeliner, almost matching my exact eye colour. I think this looks sweet and makes the eyes really pop (without making them too buggy)

Those with blue or green eyes will have a little more challenging time with this, but for coloured eyeliner it is usually best just to stick to the top lid, because colour on the bottom sometimes looks uneven.

Good Luck and have a great weekend!




Bonus Video:

CarsonIreneBeauty Vlog

You should totally go visit carsonirenebeauty‘s YouTube channel.

It’s just getting started and soon will have hundreds and thousands of followers, so get there before she goes viral!

She does everything very well and awesome and  here is her debut video! Go subscribe! Go watch! Go like! Go now!


(Sorry if I’m pushy, I know Carson deserves this as much as I lost a bet. :D)

To-Do-Or-Die List

Sure, most people call it a To-Do List, but I like to spice it up (and channel Frankie Stein) by calling it a To-Do-Or-Die List, just to make it interesting. Okay, maybe you wouldn’t DIE by not completing one of these things, but it’s nice to think you’re on a timer, to get there faster. 🙂

1) Buy a parasol. I have loved parasols from the all four chambers of my heart (Haha, frogs only have three!) ever since I played the Lady with the Pink Parasol when I was three  in our preschool production of The Fat Cat. This is Selena Gomez from  the June/July 2011 issue with a Prada top and a beautiful Greatlookz parasol. Click the link to view their entire collection of pretty lace Vitorian meets retro 50’s patterns assortments. Totally worth the $41 price! (Even though you can get paper ones from Chinatown for like $3, but you didn’t hear it from me)

2) Get 1k hits on this blog! And a bunch of followers!

So far, as of Sept. 16, 2:57 PM, I have exactly 124 hits, about a month into blogging. I aspire this blog to be like Tavi Gevinson‘s (who has her own Wikipedia page by the way. What teen that’s not a performer has their own Wikipedia page? Not you or me! Yet, anyway. I like to think my readers are going places.) with 4 mill. hits. I feel selfish saying this, but I am being truthful. Besides, this is a very superficial To-Do-Or-Die List. On my eternal thoughtful one I would put everything about wanting to go volunteer in India with my Girl Scout troop and making an app for the Animal Shelter for more publicity and finishing my novel and donating part of the publication money to charity. Yes, I’m a goody-goody, but those puppies and kittens and kids in India and charity getters are awful glad I am.

But yeah I really like blogging.

3) Pierce either my nose or my belly button.

Personally, I kind of like how pretty and bold the piercing look is. It sort of is like a scar, telling your story for you. So I’m the kind of person who looks around the subway and tries to name where each person is going, their name, and why they’re wearing what they are.  With a piercing it’s a the chunk of their life when they contemplated it, decided on the [insert here: eyebrow, ear, nose, lip, the weird bull kind in between your nostrils that sometimes I want to yank off] piercing.

But for my piercing, I’d either get a chic silver stud nose ring, very Ms. K-esque, my 3rd-Grade sub who is an artist and paints pop art and is hilariously funny and dresses beautifully and has curly red hair and is all around very awesome, or I’d get a Riley from Beautiful Creatures series-like belly button that I can adorn with gems. Belly button piercings are cute because they are only really seen when you are in a bikini. So it’s not an in-your-face-I’m-An-Individual thing but sort of a secret.I like secrets, but I never tell.

4) Henna designs year-round!

Henna is a super-cool ancient fake tattoo that you can read about here. They are very aphrodisiac and temporary, so five-to-ten days in, if you get bored, it’ll only be gone in a few days. They are nice for experimenting and you get a billion compliments on them at school/work, etc. The designs really are pretty and often symbolize something. In a previous post I mentioned about drawing cool stuff on yourself with Sharpie. This is even better because  it lasts longer then a few days, is really intricate, and makes your applied body part smell insane (in a good way).

5) To see Mean Girls. 

I have wanted to see that movie since I saw the YouTube trailer with Disney Princesses instead of the characters.


Thank goodness it’s on Netflix. Netflix is my life, BTW. 🙂





Derby Racer Punk cont.

Hey my beautiful viewers! What’s up?

Okay, so I know my last post was simple and short, so I’ll up it a bit this time by putting a fricking awesome one!

Last post also I  was saying about how I loved the derby racer look? It kinda spread.

So, in case you can’t see, the drawing is a gray felt newsboy cap, a cream blouse with the collar popped (Yes, I’m just that cool) tucked into high waisted plaid shorts with a big black heart button. Underneath the shorts I’m wearing teal tights and black and white riding boots. For jewelry I sketched silver mesh necklace in an upside-down triangle shape.

This is the real-life cap that inspired me! Hats are weirdly in right now. They were spotted on nearly every runway show (Did you see Marc Jacobs? Dr. Suess would be on the Fashion Scene in the blink.) This particular  type of hat was an obsession back in like 2002, where it was paired with super-straight pigtails, fuzzy bangs, wool striped scarves and pastel earrings. These days I pair it with denim vests and brightly coloured tights that would make Alexander Wang’s nail artist gag and Betsy Johnson clap and weep with happiness. Though I have to day, Alex himself would be mighty proud.

And the riding boots? LOVE ‘EM! This year on my Christmas-Birthday Wishlist instead of putting FUggs or Uggs I will now definitely put these bee-yootiful Frye boots on there. Here’s a pic of the Melissa Logo ones: Sure, the $388 might be sort of steep, but on, a great place to shop, especially for designer shoes. Zappos has overnight free shipping as a standard and has sales ALL THE TIME. It’s like a somewhat cheaper 5th Ave but with Internet! (Not the online catalog though. Ew)

But for me, the Ugg/FUgg is getting a little old, and a little UGG-LY. Is it my fault that they are like walking in heaven? No, but it’s also not my fault that they are extremely overpriced, overworn, bad for your feet, and now OUT.

Bonus Pic is of a shelf in my room. All the new TVs, Seventeen‘s Ultimate Guide to Style and 500 Beauty Tips, and, though you can’t see it two of makeup mogul Bobbi Brown’s books. Love, love, love.