3 Ways to Wear a Knit Sweater Vol. 3

Hi people!
Just had a shopping spree the length of a school day. So exhausted. Who knew, right? Which, unfortch, means my post will be short. In return I’ll give you a bonus video, style trend/idea, and a DIY project! How does that sound?
‘Kay, thought so. 🙂
5 Ways to Wear...A Knit Sweater
This time with the adowabul bunny sweater we’ll try a leather-esque skirt, cinched at the waist. What I love about skirts like this is that they’re high waisted. It has a twirling power rating of 9.97 out of 10 and is a perfect bled of girly/rocky/hipster/anime/schoolgirl uniform chic. There’s  lot to balance in but it works!
For earrings there’s a choice between weighing in the rosy turquoise and onyx skulls. Personally, I think it’s difficult to choose so another option is always one of each!
Fashion Trend: Stacking rings aren’t so in yet but I can tell they’ll be everywhere soon enough. The ones in the outfit are silver and cute, and don’t stack them all on one finger! Separate between pinky and pointer and ring and middle for an alpha twist.
The hair I recommend with this is wavy curls which is really easy to do with a curling wand. Just search it on YouTube of you’re not sure to get very even, calm, flirty curls.
On shoes I’d say high heels in blue (to match the rose earrings) or some leopard-patterned flats (to go along with the bunny-and animal scheme) and really, any would work! Of course, for this I DON’T recommend wearing one of each. XD
Have fun stacking, earring-wearing, etc.
P.S. Oh wait, I did promise you the video, didn’t I? Well, here it is:
Beauty and the Beat cracks me up every time!
P.P.S. And the DIY facial? Fiiiiiinnnnne….. (just kidding!)

3 Ways to Wear a Knit Sweater Vol. 2

Hello, Cupcake! (Best cookbook ever)
This is the second installment of the miniseries, Three Ways to Wear…A Knit Sweater!
The last one was cute, no? This one’s even better!
I know, I’m too perky for such a dreary day. The sky is overcast and everyone seems to be sniffling. CAn we just skip fall and go to December? 🙂
5 Ways to Wear a Knit Sweater Vol. 2
This masterpiece starts off with a cute bunny sweater, like last time! Over it, you could wear a studded jean vest (if you’ve gone to NYC in the past weeks, you’d see the obsession some people have…what? me? no, course not…) and leave it open so the adorable bunny can peek through. Your mother’s pearls are a great item of jewelry to add to this outfit, because it joins to colours so nicely. On your ears, wear statement earrings, like Aria’s from Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Finale with edgy doorknockers that just grazed her shoulders.


Leather short-shorts are super cute and matching them with the Halloween-esque SkeleTights from TopShop is pure genius, if I do say so myself. If the $56 bucks is too expensive, they can be found for extreme cheap in Party City or any of those We-Open-Once-A-Year-In-October Halloween Stores. On your feet my choice are some white combats (or, “Ice skates without the skates…Just ice?”) but really anything is acceptable, even Converse in a rainbow of colours. Wait, what am I saying, they go with everything!
Anyway, Alexander Wang’s neutral nails got me thinking…If they’re perfect on the runway, why not the middle school hallway? Hence the taupe OPI nail polish. Leave your nails looking naturally beautiful instead of mangled and clear. If it works on your face, why not your hands?
That terminology may only work now. Eyeliner only really looks nice in your eyelids! And for this look, really thick monotone really pops. Don’t line your undereye as thickly or you’ll wind up looking like a sad panda and not a frustrated teen.
To top it off, use a floral purse and a rose hair clip. If you’ve got the essentials, you’re good to go.
Speaking of going, I’m going shopping.

3 Ways to Wear a Knit Sweater Vol. 1

Hey guys!
As cooler weather is fast approaching, I thought I’d do a little post about knit sweaters, to newest trend among the highest-grade fashion stars. Knit sweaters are cute and warm and look ‘Trés Cool’. I picked this adorable Pink Bunny one from newlook.com. Hey, it might be expensive shipping, but who doesn’t like Brit fashion, with the Union Jack all the rage, even printed on, dare I say it, a knit sweater?5 Ways to Wear A Knit Sweater Vol. 1
Underneath the sweater you’d wear a plaid shirt in colour tones just a shade or two darker than the sweater, with the collar sticking out (not popped, a look I rocked yesterday at the beach-thank god for random Jewish holidays) and when you roll up the sleeves, be sure to let a little plaid shine through. 🙂
Right now I’m dying for a pair of cigarette pants, (the namesake is gross, but hey, who told the guy who called Pippin Apples to name them Chicken Dung Apples?) and these hot pink high button Tasha pants from boohoo.com are by far the cutest I’ve seen. And at only $29? A total steal in my opinion.
For shoes, the teal colour is a perfect match for the heat of the bright pink. If you’re daring, go for high heels with a wedge tip. But if stilettos aren’t your style, Minnetonka moccasins are gorgeous and super cute!
In jewelry, some edgy bangles will offset the girliness and create kind of a balance between the piping hot outfit and the cool factor it emits.
Yeah I just said that.
P.S. Come back tomorrow for the second way to wear a knit sweater! Want a sneak peek? Visit noodlepoodle’s page on Polyvore to check it out!